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Sundays - 8:00 AM Liturgical & 10:30 AM Contemporary & Thursday - 9:30 AM

Gospel Adventures

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Thailand Trek - For God So Loves The World.

This year’s Gospel Adventures® is heading on a Thailand Trek!

With remarkable landscapes from islands, mountains, a plateau, densely populated cities, and more, Gospel Adventures: Thailand Trek is sure to be a journey to remember! Kids will be introduced to kids just like them living in Thailand who carry their faith with them through day-to-day life. Teach your kids about the foods, animals, people and places of Thailand with Gospel Adventures.  

Our Youth

While our groups are small, encouraging our youth to develop their own Faith in God while learning how to manage their lives by providing them with guideance and knowledge is our overall goal.  Volunteers help our youth in many ways. Support for individuals can be spiritual, financial, moral, social, or any other form of help that they might need.

Throughout the year Mt. Calvary's Youth groups gather together to enjoy fellowship, have some fun and learn. Events such as bike rides, roller skating parties, ice skating, VBS helpers, Serving meals and Mission Trips are scheduled. Each group schedules its own events, so visit this page on a regular basis to find out what is happening and register for individual events as they are posted.